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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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:: ONU - XX Assemblea Generale (1965):
La XX Assemblea Generale dell’ONU (1965) dichiara "la legittimità della lotta da parte dei popoli sotto oppressione coloniale, per esercitare il loro diritto all' autodeter-
minazione e all'indipendenza".
Inoltre, l'Assemblea invita "tutti gli Stati a fornire assistenza morale e materiale ai movimenti di liberazione nazionale nei territori coloniali".

:: ONU - Risoluzione 1514
"L'Assemblea Generale dichiara che: la soggezione dei popoli a dominio straniero, conquista e asservimento costituisce una negazione dei diritti umani fondamentali, è contraria alla Carta delle Nazioni Unite ed è un impedimento alla promozione della pace e della cooperazione mondiali.
Tutti i popoli hanno diritto all' autodeter-
minazione; in virtù di tale diritto essi devono liberamente determinare il loro status politico e liberamente perseguire il loro sviluppo economico, sociale e culturale".

:: Convenzione di Ginevra, Protocollo Addizionale I (1977):
La lotta armata può essere usata, come ultima risorsa, come mezzo per esercitare il diritto all' autodeter-

:: Tribunale penale internazionale
In base allo Statuto del Tribunale penale internazionale, sono definiti “crimini di guerra”:
(1) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente contro popolazione civili in quanto tali o contro civili che non prendano direttamente parte alle ostilità;
(4) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente nella consapevolezza che gli stessi avranno come conseguenza la perdita di vite umane tra la popolazione civile, e lesioni a civili o danni a proprietà civili ovvero danni diffusi duraturi e gravi all’ambiente naturale che siano manifestamente eccessivi rispetto all’insieme dei concreti e diretti i vantaggi militari previsti.

:: Iraq anthem
(click to listen)

Three Images the World Needed
David Swanson

April 20, 2014 -Employees of the U.S. government refer to people they murder as "bugsplat." They pretend that the men, women, and children they are killing with drones are just bugs, because they just look like little fuzzy creatures on a computer screen. Thank goodness for the artists who have put a giant portrait of a child in a field for the drone murderers to see and think about. Maybe the rest of us could think about it, and do more than think about it, too. In Davidson, North Carolina, among many other places in the world, wealthy people ignore the suffering of the poor right nearby them as well as thousands of miles away. A fraction of what the U.S. government spends killing people with drones could end starvation in the world, and many certainly seem not to care...
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Boston and Baghdad
by Ralph Nader

April 20, 2014 - ...Meanwhile six thousand miles away in Iraq, there are terror bombings of innocent civilians almost every day...And this bloodshed is happening almost every day over much of their torn apart country. Iraqis know this will continue to happen in the coming days and weeks with no foreseeable end. There is no annual commemoration to mark their losses. Their memories of loved ones are blurred by constant fear of what was and what comes, day after day due to violence, hunger, poverty, disease-bearing contaminated water, the collapse of critical public services from electricity to health care to safety. This has resulted in the flight of more desperate people out of Iraq.Flash back to March 2003, when the fabrications, secret cover-ups and propaganda of the Bush/Cheney regime led to the illegal, unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. ....
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142 Israeli administrative detention orders since the begining of 2014

April 20,2014- Israeli courts have issued and renewed 142 administrative detention orders since the begining of 2014 for different period of times, Palestinian Prisoners Society revealed. 186 administrative detainees held in Israeli jails without charge or trial confirmed their intention to declare hunger strike on the 24th of April demanding an end to their administrative detention. 27 administrative detainees have been engaged in an individual hunger strike since 2012 in protest against their detention without charge or trial...

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Female IDF Drone Jockeys Kill Gazans Remotely
Richard Silverstein

April 20, 2014 - In 2008, the IDF created a new weapon (Hebrew) in its arsenal and trained a new group of fighters to use it. It was a remote-operated gun mounted on an IDF security tower along the Gaza border. The guns are operated by female IDF soldiers trained, like drone jockeys, to monitor the border area by video feed and shoot to kill pretty much anything that moves there.While I’m not an expert in military weaponry, this strikes me as a new development in the lethality of the IDF. Now, it doesn’t even need shooters on the ground to patrol the border and kill in face-to-face situations. It can all be done by remote control. It’s drone warfare transitioning to the ground....
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On the Struggle of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
by Moe Ali Nayel

April 20, 2014 - Spring has just landed in Lebanon. Its warmth and colors soothing the dried winter skin of the vast majority of Syrian refugees who resisted icy temperatures and freezing to death underneath thin canvas tents. Lebanon is now home to approximately one million Syrians, displaced from their war-ravaged cities and towns in Syria. Amid unfettered exploitations, Syrian families, forced to seek refuge in Lebanon, have fought a hostile season in a hostile environment that they mistook as neighborly. During the reign of Alexa, a polar storm that hit Lebanon at the start of December 2013, while walking between a maze of tents in Arsal, Amira grabbed my arm and said, "Sir, I need to have a word with you. You have to see my daughter. Please follow me to our tent." ...
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Israeli forces set up military base in Palestinian home
Ma'an News

April 20, 2014 -- Israeli forces in the Bethlehem district on Sunday set up a military base on the roof of a Palestinian house, a Ma'an reporter said.In the village of Tuqu southeast of Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers climbed to the rooftop of a house belonging to Nayef Hussein Moussa. The soldiers stationed machine guns on the roof and installed cameras to monitor the movement of Palestinians on a road that connects Jerusalem to illegal Israeli settlements in Hebron.
Tuqu's municipality condemned the Israeli move, calling on the Palestinian military liaison office to intervene...

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Iraq - Harith al-Dari: 'Sunnis feel marginalised' (Video)

April 20, 2014 - The situation is not getting any better in Iraq. Violence is on the rise again, and so far, more than 1,300 people have been killed this year. Battles between Sunni fighters and government troops continue.Thousands of people are fleeing Anbar province and Fallujah as Sunni tribal fighters resist both al-Qaeda and government forces loyal to Shia Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The Sunni tribes are angry about what they say are abuses by a Shia-dominated government, but they do not want al-Qaeda to fill any vacuum. The prime minister, in turn, is requesting more help and weapons from the United States...
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Too Big to Jail?
Why Kidnapping, Torture, Assassination, and Perjury Are No Longer Crimes in Washington

By Tom Engelhardt

April 20, 2014 - ...With Cartwright as a possible exception, the members of the national security state, unlike the rest of us, exist in what might be called "post-legal" America. They know that, no matter how heinous the crime, they will not be brought to justice for it. The list of potentially serious criminal acts for which no one has had to take responsibility in a court of law is long, and never tabulated in one place. Consider this, then, an initial run-down on seven of the most obvious crimes and misdemeanors of this era for which no one has been held accountable. *Kidnapping: After 9/11, the CIA got into kidnapping in a big way. At least 136 "terror suspects" and possibly many more (including completely innocent people) were kidnapped off the streets of global cities, as well as from the backlands of the planet, often with the help of local police or intelligence agencies. Fifty-four other countries were enlisted in the enterprise...
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Promoting a "Right to Heal" from Ft. Hood to Abu Ghraib
By Phyllis Bennis

April 20, 2014 - ...U.S. troops were redeployed out of Iraq two-and-a-half years ago. But the United States’ nearly decade-long occupation—which followed not only the 2003 invasion, but also the Pentagon’s 1991 war and 12 years of crippling U.S.-led sanctions—destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure, despoiled the country’s environment, and shredded its social fabric. The consequences of the U.S. war remain embedded in the shattered cities, polluted rivers, carcinogenic military burn pits, and in the bodies of hundreds of thousands or millions of Iraqis, as well as of tens of thousands of U.S. troops. Meanwhile, in an all-too-rare front-page feature documenting the Afghanistan War’s ongoing impact on Afghans, the Washington Post recently dissected the consequences for the "rising number of children … dying from U.S. explosives littering Afghan land." ...
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The Rhetoric of Violence
Chris Hedges

April 20, 2014 - At least nine people were killed and at least 35 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday police announced that a man had been arrested on charges of firing on a number of motorists recently, wounding three of them, on Kansas City-area highways. On April 13 three people, including a child, were murdered at two Jewish-affiliated facilities in Overland Park, Kan., leading to the arrest of a white supremacist. On April 12, armed militias in Nevada got the federal government to retreat, allowing rancher Cliven Bundy to continue to graze his cattle on public land. All this happened over a span of only nine days in the life of a country where more than 250 people are shot every day. In America, violence and the threat of lethal force are the ways we communicate. Violence—the preferred form of control by the state—is an expression of our hatred, self-loathing and lust for vengeance. And this bloodletting will increasingly mark a nation in terminal decline. Violence, as H. Rap Brown said, is "as American as cherry pie."...
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Tax-deductible US group pushes Israeli control of Temple Mount
Philip Weiss

April 20, 2014- The news today is that there is more violence on the Temple Mount, with Palestinian rioting spreading out to the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. The source of this violence is clear: rightwing Jewish efforts to conduct religious rituals on the Temple Mount. Haaretz: Most incidents involve Jews attempting to access the area in order to pray or demonstrate a Jewish presence. The growing strength of the Jewish Temple Movement and other organizations that seek to change the status quo on the Temple Mount has exacerbated these tensions, as has the crisis in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. It turns out that these zealots are getting support in the United States...
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WATCH: Ilan Pappe on the 'ongoing Nakba'
Social TV

April 20, 2014 - On Land Day in Jaffa, a demonstration was held in the city’s clock square, but the highlight was a lecture by Professor Ilan Pappe on what he and others term the ongoing Nakba and a 'single democratic state' solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....
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US Drones Bomb Yemen for Second Time in Two Days
Jon Queally

April 20, 2014 ---Missiles from a suspected U.S. drone (or drones) bombed Yemen for the second day in a row on Sunday, with reports indicating that between 25 to 30 people were killed in the attack.On Saturday, a similiar airstrike is thought to have killed fifteen people. Media outlets, including Reuters and Agence France-Presse, cited "tribal members" who said that those killed in Sunday's attack were al-Qaeda militants. As independent journalist and commentator Kevin Gosztola responded, however, claims like these should be met with deep skepticism...
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Israeli forces storm Aqsa compound, dozens injured and detained
Ma'an News

April 20, 2014 - -- Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were wounded and dozens were detained after clashes broke in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning with Israeli forces who had stormed the courtyards firing stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets.The raid comes amid frequent clashes in recent days after right-wing Jewish groups urged Jews to flock to the compound -- which they believe is the site of a former Jewish temple -- and conduct Passover rituals inside. Director of Al-Aqsa Mosque Omar Kiswani told Ma'an that more than 400 police officers stormed the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Moroccan Gate and the Chain Gate escorting extremist Jews other Jewish visitors into the compound....
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Podcast: Young Palestinian & Contributor to ‘Gaza Writes Back’ Describes Life Under Occupation
By: Kevin Gosztola

April 20, 2014 - For this week’s "Unauthorized Disclosure" podcast, Rania Khalek of the "Dispatches from the Underclass" blog interviews Yousef Aljamal, a contributor to a collection of stories from Palestinians in Gaza called "Gaza Writes Back." Khalek met up with Aljamal while he was on a book tour that stopped in Washington, DC. He talked to her about the writings in the collection, which are inspired by Operation Cast Lead. He describes life in Gaza and even talks about the growing worldwide boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel....
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Syria News - April 19, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 19, 2014 - By the end of Saturday the Coordination Committees were able to document 73 martyrs in Syria including 3 women, 9 children and 4 martyrs under torture: 31 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 22 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 9 in Idlib; 5 in Daraa; 5 in Homs and 1 martyr in Hama....
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International Lawyers Seek Justice for Iraqis
By Dahr Jamail, Truthout

April 19, 2014 - International lawyers and activists converged at a conference titled The Iraq Commission, in Brussels, Belgium, April 16 and 17, with the primary aim of bringing to justice government officials who are guilty of war crimes in Iraq. "Within a few days of this, a lawless atmosphere developed within my unit," Ross Caputi, a former marine who took part in the brutal November 2004 siege of Fallujah told the Iraq Commission. "There was a lot of looting going on. I saw people searching the pockets of the dead resistance fighters for money. Some people were mutilating corpses."....
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Guantánamo Bay detainees' release upon end of Afghanistan war 'unlikely'
Spencer Ackerman

April 19, 2014 - Typically, when a war ends, so does the combatants’ authority to detain the other side’s fighters. But as the conclusion of the US war in Afghanistan approaches, the inmate population of Guantánamo Bay is likely to be an exception – and, for the Obama administration, the latest complication to its attempt to close the infamous wartime detention complex.In December, when President Barack Obama and his Nato allies formally end their combat role in Afghanistan, US officials indicate there is unlikely to be a corresponding release of detainees at Guantánamo who were captured during the country's longest conflict. The question has been the subject of recent internal debate in the Obama administration, which is wrapped up in the broader question of future detention policy...
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Iraq Nation Destroyed, Oil Riches Confiscated. Surviving Iraqi Population Impoverished
By Asad Ismi

April 19, 2014 - ....Before the invasion, Iraq’s oil had been nationalized for 40 years, and with it Iraq had created a welfare state for its people, providing them with free education, medical care, subsidies, and a relatively high standard of living. All these crucial gains have now been wiped out. Saddam Hussein, the ruler of Iraq hanged by the U.S., was a brutal dictator, but he ensured that Iraq’s oil benefited its people. Maliki is a dictator, too, brought to power by the U.S, invasion, but he doesn’t provide any economic benefits to the Iraqi people and instead is involved in looting the country’s oil wealth along with multinational corporations.As Yanar Mohammed puts it, "Under Saddam, there was a state that was taking care of the education of the people, of the health of the people, and there was a socialist economy in which the people had some ability to enjoy a prosperous life — and at this point all of that is being lost. We are learning what free enterprise is. All we see is poverty, and the government has enacted laws which prevent the organizing of workers and of unions so as to claim their rights."...
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Easter in the destroyed Palestinian village of Maalul
By Alex Shams

April 19, 2014 - As thousands of Palestinian Christians descend on Jerusalem for Holy Week festivities, the villagers of Maalul are busy preparing their own Easter celebration for the one day a year Israeli authorities allow them to hold services in their village church.Their forefathers were expelled from their homes in the village in 1948 by Israeli forces, and today hundreds of their descendants live in nearby Nazareth, Yafa al-Naseriyye, and Haifa.They are forbidden from returning to the village, even though it sits mere kilometers away from their new homes.But in 2003, more than 50 years after they were forced to flee their homes, villagers returned to Maalul to celebrate Easter in the Catholic Church, one of the few structures that had not been demolished by authorities...
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Afghanistan: Drug abuse goes out of control
By Kreshma Fakhri

April 19, 2014 -The country’s deaddiction centres are not able to keep up with the spiraling drug abuse. With nearly 1.6 million addicts including children and women the rampant use of an assortment of drugs has become a serious public health crisis. Millions of dollars are being spent on fighting drug addiction but a survey by the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau in 2012 had showed a 70 percent increase in addicts from 2009.The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) estimates the majority of addicts are male; 13 percent are women and 7 percent children. Afghanistan has some 105 deaddiction centres with a capacity to treat 25,000 addicts. A high 78 percent of addicts are hooked to heroin.

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Photographer critically wounded at Ofer Protest
By Claire Matsunami

April 19, 2014 - 21-year-old Mohammad Basman Yasin was critically wounded by Israeli forces while working as a volunteer photographer with B’Tselem, documenting the demonstration outside Israel’s Ofer prison near Ramallah on Friday 4 April. Protestors gathered outside of Israel’s Ofer military prison to demonstrate against the Israeli government’s failure to release the latest round of prisoners, a group whose release was was of the conditions for the now evaporating peace talks. As protesters attempted hold midday prayers outside the prison’s gates, soldiers reportedly began shooting tear gas at them and clashes erupted. Mohammad Yasin was over 100 meters away from the clashes, preparing to leave, when he was shot twice from the right side...
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Palestinian Christians 'bitter and left out' of Easter celebrations
by Dalia Hatuqa

April 19, 2014 — Seeking comfort in prayer, hundreds of Palestinians gathered at the Greek Catholic Church in Ramallah's Old City to solemnly commemorate Good Friday, during a long weekend that marks when Jesus is believed to have been crucified, buried and resurrected more than 2,000 years ago. During what's known as the "funeral" procession, Palestinian Christians re-enacted the burial of Jesus, along with a lengthy ritual of prayer, Gospel recitations and hymn singing. Later, the Catholic congregation joined Greek Orthodox worshippers from a nearby church. Together, and with a choir and marching band of a local scout troop, they completed a circuit around the Orthodox church holding a shrine symbolizing Jesus' casket... For many Christians, Easter is hailed as a time for renewal and revival, said Jamal Khader of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, but revival can be difficult when the number of Palestinian Christians is dwindling every year due to restrictive measures....

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Libyan kangaroo court trials begin against Gaddafi’s sons
By Jean Shaoul

April 19, 2014 -The Libyan state this week began a mass trial, the focus of which are two of deposed leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s sons, his heir apparent Saif al-Islam, and Saadi, who was recently extradited from Niger, where he had sought refuge from the US-led war in 2011.Also facing trial are 36 top officials, including Gaddafi’s intelligence chief and right-hand man Abdullah al-Senussi, deported from Mauretania in 2012, former prime ministers al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi and Bouzid Dorda, and a former foreign minister Abdul Ati al-Obeidi. They all face charges relating to their alleged role in suppressing the pro-Islamist movement in Benghazi that was utilised by NATO to topple Gaddafi...

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7000 families displaced in Iraq's Diyala
World Bulletin / News Desk

April 19, 2014 - A total of 7000 families have been displaced in the northern Iraqi province of Diyala due to "militant activities", a local province official said on Saturday."Diyala has seen activities by sectarian militias in recent months," municipal councilor Omar al-Hameeri told Anadolu Agency. Al-Hameeri, a former governor of Diyala, accused militias of carrying out "mass executions" and destroying homes in the province, while security agencies stand idle. Diyala has been the site of growing activities by pro-government militias, thought to be Shiite...

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A Rising Number of Children Are Dying from U.S. Explosives Littering Afghan Land
By Kevin Sieff

April 19, 2014 - As the U.S. military withdraws from Afghanistan, it is leaving behind a deadly legacy: about 800 square miles of land littered with undetonated grenades, rockets and mortar shells. The military has vacated scores of firing ranges pocked with the explosives. Dozens of children have been killed or wounded as they have stumbled upon the ordnance at the sites, which are often poorly marked. Casualties are likely to increase sharply; the U.S. military has removed the munitions from only 3 percent of the territory covered by its sprawling ranges, officials said. Clearing the rest of the contaminated land — which in total is twice as big as New York City — could take two to five years. U.S. military officials say they intend to clean up the ranges. But because of a lack of planning, officials say, funding has not yet been approved for the monumental effort, which is expected to cost $250 million....
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The Corruption of Mainstream Media
By Danny Schechter

April 19, 2014 - At the same time that the newspaper world had recognized its obligation to recognize the Snowden story – sans Snowden, of course, who the Moscow Times reports has run out of money in his forced exile but may finally have a new job – a major network disses Snowden.CBS News, once known as the network of Edward R Murrow and Walter Cronkite, has veered in another direction since it canned Dan Rather after a star chamber proceeding to punish him for a story showing that President George W. Bush lied about his military credentials. Today, predictably, CBS has gone the other way on the Snowden story too..
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‘Heading towards a police state’
Conversation with a Police Chief

Dave Lindorff

April 19, 2014 - ... In communities and cities across the country, the number of police has soared, rising, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 603,000 in 1992 to 794,000 in 2010. This even as crime has been falling fairly steadily for over 30 years, even in cities that have had to cut back on their police staffing for budget reasons.But it’s not just a matter of numbers. Police are also much more aggressive in their behavior towards the public. Where "no-knock" forced entries into people’s homes were a rarity 30 years ago, such so-called "breaches" are increasingly the norm in many jurisdictions -- they reached over 80,000 last year by one calculation -- as police departments adopt an approach that elevates "officer safety" over concerns about the safety of the public, including innocent bystanders. (Consider two recent incidents in New York where bystanders were shot by police who were firing at suspects -- in one case an unarmed mentally ill man standing in traffic in midtown Manhattan...
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“A message of peace” from the village of Qaryut met with violence from the Israeli army
International Solidarity Movement

April 19, 2014 - The people of Qaryut began weekly demonstrations three weeks ago, due to the Israeli military’s decision to close the main road near to the village.Yesterday, the 18th April, approximately 300 from the village, of which 100 were children, decided to come to the hill to pray rather than to march. Israeli soldiers arrived immediately, with one soldier yelling: "Go back home!" A resident of Qaryut responded; "Insh’allah [If God wills it], this is our home."The prayer began despite the provocative military presence on the hill, during the prayers Israeli soldiers surrounded the gathering, one solider removed a Palestinian flag from its place in the ground.As prayers finished, one of the villagers declared to the army that it was their intention to leave the area, repeating over and over that they brought "a message of peace"...
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Abbas alludes to dissolving Palestinian Authority
Middle East Monitor

April 19, 2014- The Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday he might withdraw from the political arena and "hand over the key to Israel to run Palestinian territories" should the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks fail, the Israeli Channel 2 reported. In a meeting with Israeli Knesset members in Ramallah, Abbas alluded to dissolving the PA, indicating that this would be the official stance of the Palestinian negotiations team. When this happens, Israel will bear the burden of running Palestinian territories, which costs around NIS 2 billion paid by donors to the PA...

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Israeli army installs new, remote-controlled weapon atop separation wall
By Haggai Matar

April 19, 2014 - The IDF has installed a new crowd-dispersal weapon on top of the separation wall in Bethlehem.The new weapon, which is remote-controlled and shoots "skunk" water (putrid-smelling liquid), began operating over the last month. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the weapon can also fire tear gas, among other crowd-dispersal means. In the past month, Palestinian residents of Bethlehem began noticing the new weapon perched on top of the separation wall in an area near where most of the protests against the occupation and the barrier take place. According to participants in last week’s Palestine Marathon, the new camera-equipped weapon moved on its axis and followed them as they passed by it during their run...
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‘Why Should the State Have the Right To Determine Unilaterally Who Is A Terrorist?’
John Glaser

April 19, 2014 - The people being targeted in the Obama administration’s drone war are "suspects" who deserve due process, renowned linguist and political radical Noam Chomsky said during a talk at Google this month. There’s a debate in the United States, Chomsky said, about the legitimacy of President Obama unilaterally targeting American citizens, like Anwar al-Awlaki, for assassination by drone. And "there’s some talk about collateral damage – you know, what about the people that are just standing around that get killed? Well, yeah, that’s bad. But what about the people you’re aiming at? They’re suspects."...
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Iraqi MP warns of potential massacre in Diyala
Middle East Monitor

April 19, 2014-Head of human rights committee in the Iraqi parliament, Salim al-Jibouri, warned on Friday that a new massacre could be committed by the official Iraqi "militias" in Al-Mokhaisa village in the Governorate of Diyala.Al-Jibouri condemned the continuous attacks of these militias on the village. He accused the militias of claiming the existence of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in the village in order to justify their attacks as they had similarly done against Fallujah residents - arbitrary shelling and collective punishment...
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US Drone Obliterates Civilians in Yemen
Jon Queally

April 19, 2014 - A Yemen military official on Saturday says that at least fifteen people were either killed or wounded when a missile from a U.S. drone struck vehicles traveling on a road in the central province of al-Bayda. Among the dead, according reports, are what the official claimed were targeted al-Qaeda militants traveling in two vehicles and also non-targeted passers-by traveling on the same road when the powerful U.S. bomb hit.According to Reuters, "tribal sources said a drone had been circling al-Bayda for days and on Saturday struck two cars the suspected militants were in. Three civilians who happened to be in a nearby car were also killed, they said."...
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Israel, settler violence and calculated differentiation
Ramona Wadi

April 19, 2014 -Ramona WadiSettler-colonial violence has rarely prompted any condemnation from Israel and its institutions. Regularly dismissed as isolated incidents despite the constant phenomenon and its deleterious effects upon Palestinians, settler violence is sanctioned by the Zionist state. Its perpetrators are regaled with impunity for upholding the historical violence that facilitated the establishment of the settler-colonial state.However, similar violence unleashed recently against the IDF evoked a firm condemnation. Following the army's demolition of dwelling structures in the West Bank, Jewish settlers stormed the IDF's headquarters, threatening the soldiers and vandalising military equipment and facilities. According to the Times of Israel, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz warned that failure to respond to "nationalist crimes" will threaten Israel's security....

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Israeli forces fire tear gas at Christian pilgrims in al-Eizariya
Ma'an News

April 19, 2014 - Dozens of Christian pilgrims suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation on Friday after Israeli troops fired tear gas canisters as they performed religious rites at the Tomb of Lazarus in al-Eizariya in East Jerusalem. Israeli soldiers reportedly refused to stop firing tear gas canisters despite the presence of pilgrims after clashes had broken out between local youths and Israeli forces in the area. Witnesses told Ma'an that a tour guide who was escorting the pilgrims asked an Israeli officer to stop firing tear gas canisters until pilgrims left, but the officer continued to fire. The pilgrims had to take shelter in a souvenir shop before they could complete their prayers...
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Syria News - April 18, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 18, 2014 - By the end of Friday the Coordination Committees were able to document 65 martyrs in Syria including 2 women, 5 children and 2 martyrs under torture: 23 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 16 in Homs; 9 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 6 in Daraa; 4 in Idlib; 3 in Deir Ezzor; 2 in Hama and 2 martyrs in Raqqa...
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Iraq votes 2014: in Basra, fastest way to voters’ hearts, through their stomachs
Saleem al-Wazzan

April 18, 2014- Basra candidates in the upcoming Iraqi general election are holding grand banquets to win over voters. But while the province’s poor are eating well for a day, in the long run they are suffering: All that banqueting has almost doubled local prices for meat.In Iraq campaigning for the upcoming general election – voting is due to be held April 30 – has included not just posters and speeches but lots of hand outs to voters. And this year this has included the holding of major, open-to-the-public banquets in various districts... By rights Basra should be one of Iraq’s wealthiest cities – it is the site of a major port and some of Iraq’s biggest oil fields are located in the surrounding province. But somehow this wealth has not had any effect on the lives of many ordinary people who live here – the poverty level in Iraq sits at around 22 percent but some recent estimates suggest that it’s higher in Basra. They say that just over a third of the population in Basra live in poverty....
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Iraqi fighter: Hizbullah lied about protecting Syria shrines
By Mohammed al-Qaisi in Baghdad

April 18, 2014- Ali Nagy has been receiving a steady stream of visitors at his home in eastern Baghdad since he returned from Syria last week, many of whom had believed him dead.Nagy, 33, said he has not tired of telling his family and friends of the 20 days he spent in Syria in hopes his guests will learn from his experience."I used to work as a vendor selling mobile telephone recharge cards in my neighbourhood, Ur, in eastern Baghdad, for two years," he told Mawtani. "My income was good. It enabled me to pay the rent and meet the needs of my wife and two children, Karrar and Nagy, but some of my not-so-good friends introduced me to a member of the Hizbullah militia, who started visiting me at work several times a week." "This man started to speak with me about Syria, efforts by armed groups to destroy the sacred shrines, and about individuals I did not know, who had gone there and come back with a good amount of money which enabled them to buy houses of their own," Nagy said...
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Vaccines alone cannot beat polio in Iraq*
By Louise Redvers , IRIN news

April 18, 2014 - A countrywide vaccination campaign is under way in Iraq following the country’s first confirmed case of polio in 14 years, but public health experts warn it will take more than immunization to beat the virus. Inadequate sanitation, contaminated water sources and poor public health systems are also major factors in the spread of polio, which - although easily preventable - is high contagious and incurable. "Putting all your faith in vaccination alone is putting all your eggs in one basket," said paediatrician Annie Sparrow, assistant professor of global health and deputy director of the Human Rights Program at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. "When people are still living in abysmal conditions that are unsanitary, unhygienic and with contaminated water, there will still be exposure," she told IRIN.
For Adam Coutts, an honorary research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Iraq case says a lot "about the severity of poverty and state neglect of large numbers of the population as well as the decrepit condition of public health and healthcare services over the last 10 years in Iraq"....
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Iraqi Elections: Ongoing Tragedy for Iraqi Women
Sawsan Al-Assaf

April 18, 2014 - Iraqi women have been well known for their pioneering role in Iraqi society since the 1930s. They became members of political parties (especially the Iraqi Communist Party), actresses, singers, newscasters and lawyers. Their position was boosted when the first Iraqi (and Arab) woman was appointed minister in 1959, a year after the revolution that overthrew the monarchy. In 1967 a new constitution gave women equal voting rights. Between 1980 and 2003, under the Baathist regime, there were five parliamentary elections for the National Assembly, in which the percentage of women in the Assembly varied between 6.5% and 13%. ...

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1 killed, 10 injured in army shelling of Iraq's Fallujah
By Suleiman al-Qubeisi

April 18, 2014 – One civilian was killed when the Iraqi army shelled residential areas in the western city of Fallujah, a medical source said on Friday. Ten people were injured in the shelling, Wessam al-Essawi, spokesman of the Fallujah General Hospital, told Anadolu Agency. Military officials could not be reached for comment. Since last December, the Iraqi army has waged a major offensive in the Sunni-majority Anbar province with the stated aim of flushing militants – who Baghdad claims are linked to Al-Qaeda – out of the key cities of Fallujah and Ramadi...Many local Sunni tribes opposed to Iraq's Shiite-dominated government, meanwhile, have continued to voice anger over the operation's mounting civilian death toll...

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CIA psychologist who developed torture program defends tactics
Russia Today

April 18, 2014 - A psychologist considered integral to crafting the CIA’s post-9/11 "enhanced interrogation" tactics slammed an unreleased Senate report on CIA torture as inaccurate while defending his role in working with the spy agency amid a volatile era in US history. In his first interview in seven years, James Mitchell told freelance reporter Jason Leopold, writing for the Guardian, that he has nothing to apologize for regarding his place in the post-9/11 abuse of prisoners that, as he points out, was legal at the time....
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50 % of Palestinians killed in 2013 shot in upper body

April 18, 2014- Ministry of Health said Wednesday that 50 % of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip were shot in the upper body. It clearly proves that the occupation is still practicing a systematic murder against the Palestinian people despite the truce signed in 2012, the ministry said. Death toll of the Palestinian killed in 2013 was 12 while the number of injuries reached 152 due to the ongoing violations by Israeli occupation. 41.7 % of the killed Palestinians were shot with live ammunition, most are workers and farmers who work near the border fence. 59.9 % were injured with ammunition, the ministry added...

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Syria Protests April 18, 2014 : A Video Roundup

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UK Moves to Block US Senate Report to Protect Blair, Straw and Dearlove
Craig Murray

April 18, 2014 -From a British diplomatic source I learn that Britain has lobbied the United States against the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture and extraordinary rendition. The lobbying has been carried out "at all levels" – White House, State Department and CIA. The British have argued that at the very least the report must be emasculated before publication. The British argument is that in a number of court cases including the Belhadj case, the British government has successfully blocked legal action by victims on the grounds that this would weaken the US/UK intelligence relationship and thus vitally damage national security, by revealing facts the American intelligence service wish hidden...
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Palestinian Prisoners traumatized by Israeli jails

April 18, 2014 -Official statistics, released on the occasion of Prisoner Day, on the number and state of affairs of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails revealed scandalous facts about the tragedy of Palestinian detainees.The Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ affairs said, in a statement that has been recently released on the occasion, that 5000 Palestinian detainees are still held in Israeli prisons, including 476 sentenced to life. The statement documented the incarceration of 19 Palestinian women and 200 children in addition to several Palestinian minors who have, ironically, grown to maturity inside Israeli prisons...

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Shelling of Khan Eshieh and barrel bombing of Handarat refugee camp, Yarmouk siege continues
by Talal Alyan

April 18, 2014 -The Syrian regime continues to shell Khan Esheih refugee camp in Rural Damascus. It has also been relentlessly dropping barrel bombs on the Handarat refugee camp in Aleppo. Meanwhile, the huge list of Palestinians tortured to death by the regime continues to increase. Ali Yacoub, a young Palestinian, died after being tortured to death in a regime prison, he had been detained for over 8 months. There has been no entry of aid into Yarmouk for 8 consecutive days making the already dire situation in the camp even worse. Although the siege has been at least partially imposed since December 2012, UNRWA has intermittently been permitted to enter small, but lifesaving, amounts of aid. The current 8 day arbitrary moratorium of aid delivery began just 2 days after a previous 7 day suspension had ended. A 57 year old resident of Yarmouk, Shamseyyah Shtaiweh, passed away from the lack of medical supplies available in the camp...

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Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama
Edward Snowden

April 18, 2014 - On Thursday, I questioned Russia's involvement in mass surveillance on live television. I asked Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, a question that cannot credibly be answered in the negative by any leader who runs a modern, intrusive surveillance program: "Does [your country] intercept, analyse or store millions of individuals' communications?"I went on to challenge whether, even if such a mass surveillance program were effective and technically legal, it could ever be morally justified.The question was intended to mirror the now infamous exchange in US Senate intelligence committee hearings between senator Ron Wyden and the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, about whether the NSA collected records on millions of Americans, and to invite either an important concession or a clear evasion...

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Palestinianism as the antithesis to Neutralism
Omar Chaaban

April 18, 2014 - This should be a non-negotiable, and a non-debatable fundamental principle that contains within it everything that characterizes a moral human being. There should be no "buts," "ifs" and "what abouts," because these indicate a failure to comprehend what it means to be against tyranny and oppression. And if we recognize this as a failure, and if we know its implications, then we should not go out of our way to convince ourselves this is just a result of unfortunate and uncontrollable political and strategic imperatives. And I say this because these so-called political and strategic imperatives should not blind us from fundamental moral principles. In any situation and context, these imperatives mean nothing if they were to be assumed at the expense of the suffering of another people. This has been the principle that we, as Palestinians, have always used to advance our cause....

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Edward Snowden defends decision to question Vladimir Putin on surveillance
Ed Pilkington

April 18, 2014 - Edward Snowden has defended his decision to appear on live Russian television, insisting his question to Vladimir Putin on mass surveillance was designed to hold the Russian president accountable and not, as critics have suggested, an act of compliant propaganda. Writing for the Guardian, the whistleblower behind the National Security Agency leaks suggests he carefully framed the question to Putin, which he asked via video link in an annual televised call-in with the president on Thursday. Putin, Snowden writes, "denied the first part of the question and dodged on the latter". In the phone-in, Snowden asked Putin: "Does Russia intercept, store or analyse, in any way, the communications of millions of individuals?"...
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Marwan Barghouthi; The Key To War And Peace
Saed Bannoura

April 18, 2014 - The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees in Ramallah issued a statement marking the twelfth anniversary of the kidnapping and imprisonment of Palestinian leader, legislator Marwan Barghouthi, who was sentenced by an Israeli military court to five life-terms and an additional 40 years imprisonment. The Israeli army kidnapped Barghouthi on April 15, 2002, after having listed him as one of the "most wanted" Palestinians. "The twelfth anniversary of the abduction and imprisonment of Marwan Barghouthi comes amidst significant developments in Palestine and around the world," the Ministry said. "Especially after president Mahmoud Abbas made a historic decision to join 15 additional international conventions that could end the ongoing abuse and crimes committed by Israel against our people, and against our detainees."...
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Vandals Torch Mosque in Umm al-Fahm
by Chris Carlson

April 18, 2014 - Suspected Jewish vandals, on Friday, set fire to a mosque and sprayed racist graffiti in the northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm, on the border of the West Bank, according to an Israeli police spokesman.Mickey Rosenfeld told Ma'an News Agency that there was "damage to the front door of the mosque and graffiti found on nearby walls."Israeli police and border police arrived at the scene and are investigating the incident, he said, adding that the attack had "price tag" motives. Graffiti on the walls in the town read "Arabs out", according to Israeli media...
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Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (10 - 16 April 2014)
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)

April 18, 2014 - Summary: Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (10 – 16 April 2014). Shooting: During the reporting period, a woman in Ayda refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, died of tear gas inhalation used by Israeli forces. Another civilian was also wounded in the West Bank. Moreover, Israeli forced wounded 8 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, and 7 paramedics suffered tear gas inhalation in the Gaza Strip. On 10 April 2014, 3 stone collectors were wounded when Israeli forces stationed along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, northwest of Beit Hanoun town in the northern Gaza Strip, opened fire at them. One of them sustained a serious wound....
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Iraq votes 2014: special ballot for Iraqi army causes concern
Mustafa Habib

April 18, 2014 - ..."Whenever there is an election of any kind, we get pressure from our superiors," says one army captain, who wanted to be known only as Mahmoud. "They force us to vote even if we don’t want to. Often we’ll hear rumours that the military knows who soldiers voted for and that they’ll punish anyone who doesn’t support the existing Defence Minister's party, or the Prime Minister’s party."...It is also possible that the situation they are facing in Anbar may be turning the Iraqi military against al-Maliki. When problems first started in Anbar, al-Maliki seemed to be very popular with the military, observers say. However over recent months this has changed. "Al-Maliki’s popularity is decreasing," says one senior member of the military in Basra province, who did not want to be named for fear of repercussions. "Because the army is having huge difficulties in Anbar."
According to this soldier, the Iraqi government has allegedly played down the number of military casualties it’s had in the fight against insurgents in Anbar. Videos being posted on YouTube and other social media indicate many more are being captured and killed...
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Jewish organisation opens religious school in Palestinian East Jerusalem
Peter Beaumont

April 18, 2014 - A Jewish religious organisation that buys properties for settlement has completed renovation work on its most significant and provocative purchase – a large religious school in the Palestinian commercial hub of occupied East Jerusalem. Ateret Cohanim had secretly purchased more than 1,000 sq m in the substantial and imposing building which houses the main post office and Israeli police station, and overlooks the Flowers Gate entrance to the walled Old City.Its location is in the very centre of what Palestinians claim for their capital of a future state in the east of the city...
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CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend 'enhanced interrogation'
Jason Leopold

April 18, 2014 - The psychologist regarded as the architect of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" program has broken a seven-year silence to defend the use of torture techniques against al-Qaida terror suspects in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. In an uncompromising and wide-ranging interview with the Guardian, his first public remarks since he was linked to the program in 2007, James Mitchell was dismissive of a Senate intelligence committee report on CIA torture in which he features, and which is currently at the heart of an intense row between legislators and the agency.The committee’s report found that the interrogation techniques devised by Mitchell, a retired air force psychologist, were far more brutal than disclosed at the time, and did not yield useful intelligence. These included waterboarding, stress positions, sleep deprivation for days at a time, confinement in a box and being slammed into walls...
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US strike kills Australian and New Zealander in Yemen
by Alice K Ross and Jack Serle

April 18, 2014 - The governments of Australia and New Zealand have confirmed the deaths of two men in a US strike in Yemen, which took place last November.
The two men, one Australian and one dual Australian-New Zealand citizen, were reportedly junior members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and were believed to be in their 20s. The Australian foreign minister and the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, confirmed the deaths. The men were identified as Christopher Harvard, reportedly from Townsville in Queensland, north eastern Australia, and a dual-national who went by the name Muslim bin John. The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Bureau Bin John’s next of kin have been told of his death...
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The New York Times agrees to be gagged by Israel
Ali Abunimah

April 18, 2014 - Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times’ public editor, has written a thoughtful and important piece criticizing the way the newspaper complied with an Israeli-imposed gag order on the case of Majd Kayyal. But it leaves some important questions unanswered about the Times’ apparent eagerness to let Israeli censors set its news agenda. Kayyal, a 23-year old journalist and activist and a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was detained incommunicado for five days by Israel’s Shin Bet secret police without access to a lawyer, following a return from a professional trip to Lebanon...
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Solidarity, concessions and complicity
Ramona Wadi

April 18, 2014-In the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the United Nations deems it pertinent to issue a reminder to Palestine with regard to the rapacious imperial benevolence. On April 14, the UN website published a news brief stating that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had spoken to Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu in an effort to salvage the temporarily stalled negotiations.According to spokesperson Stephanie Dujarric, "The purpose of the calls was to discuss the ongoing efforts to extend the negotiations towards a final peace agreement between Israel and Palestine." Dujarric added that Ban "expressed his hope that both leaders will seize the current opening created by US efforts to find a way forward to achieve the two-state solution."...
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Suspected Jewish extremists torch mosque in northern Israel
Ma'an News

April 18, 2014 -- Suspected Jewish extremists set fire to a mosque and sprayed racist graffiti in the town of Umm al-Fahm on Friday, an Israeli police spokesman said. Mickey Rosenfeld told Ma'an that there was "damage to the front door of the mosque and graffiti found on nearby walls." Israeli police and border police arrived at the scene and are investigating the incident, he said, adding that the attack had "price tag" motives. Graffiti on the walls in the town read "Arabs out", according to Israeli media.In early April, Jewish extremists slashed the tires of over 40 cars and sprayed racist graffiti in the predominantly Christian town of Jish in northern Israel...
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Thousands march across West Bank, Gaza to mark Prisoners Day
Ma'an News

April 17, 2014 -- At least ten Palestinians were detained by Israeli forces on Thursday as thousands participated in protests across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to commemorate the annual Palestinian Prisoners Day. Large demonstrations took place in Hebron, Gaza City, Jenin, Nablus, and Ramallah to mark the day of solidarity with the more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners currently being held in Israeli prisons. The demonstrations took place amid a major row with Israel over its failure to release a batch of prisoners held for more than twenty years as previously agreed upon as a part of ongoing peace negotiations...
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Syria News - April 17, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 17, 2014 - By the end Thursday the Coordination Comiittees were able to document 88 martyrs in Syria including 7 women, 9 children and 4 martyrs under torture: 39 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 30 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 11 in Deir Ezzor; 3 in Idlib; 3 in Daraa; 1 in Homs and 1 martyr in Raqqa...
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Human rights abuses by the American forces in Iraq
Stewart Sloan

April 17, 2014 The United Nations and the United States of America are calling for an investigation into human rights abuses by the Sri Lankan government and LTTE. Sadly, one of the regular responses by the Sri Lankan government to the call for accountability is the fact that the UN has never hauled up the US for the now, well documented accusations, of human rights abuses in Iraq, including the horrific torture of literally thousands of detainees. I am not suggesting for one minute that two wrongs make a right or that Sri Lanka should not be held accountable. However, the call by the Sri Lankan government that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones is a valid one....
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Cut off from the world, Gazans consumed by poverty
By Noah Browning and Nidal al-Mughrabi

April 17, 2014- (Reuters) - Life has never seemed so grim for the Mustafas, a family of seven cramped into a shabby two-room hovel in Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp. Seven years into an Israeli blockade and ten months into a crippling Egyptian one, Gaza's economic growth has evaporated and unemployment soared to almost 40 percent by the end of 2013. Opposition to the Hamas militant group which runs the Gaza Strip has led its neighbors to quarantine the enclave, shutting residents out of the struggling Mideast peace process and leaving them with plenty of parties to blame. Living on U.N. handouts of rice, flour, canned meat and sunflower oil, with limited access to proper health care or clean water, families like the Mustafas - seemingly permanent refugees from ancestral lands now part of Israel - have no money, no jobs and no hope...
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Night raid alternative fails to end violence against Palestinian children
Defence for Children International Palestine

April 17, 2014- Recent attempts by Israeli military and intelligence officers to "summon" Palestinian children for questioning fail to address ill-treatment once they are in Israeli military custody. The Israeli army declared in February that a new pilot program relying on written summonses would be implemented as an alternative to night arrests. In the same month, DCI-Palestine documented six cases involving children summoned for questioning who reported ill-treatment and torture once in Israeli military detention...
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Guantánamo judge to CIA: Disclose ‘black site’ details to USS Cole defense lawyers
By Carol Rosenberg

April 17, 2014 - -- The military judge in the USS Cole bombing case has ordered the CIA to give defense lawyers details — names, dates and places — of its secret overseas detention and interrogation of the man accused of planning the bombing, two people who have read the still-secret order said Thursday. Army Col. James L. Pohl issued the five-page order Monday. It was sealed as document 120C on the war court website Thursday morning and, according to those who have read it, orders the agency to provide a chronology of the overseas odyssey of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, 49, from his capture in Dubai in 2002 to his arrival at Guantánamo four years later...

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Nouri Al-Maliki's Iraq: War Crimes, violence, child marriage
The Common Ills

April 17, 2014- NINA reports, "A source at the Fallujah General Hospital told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / five people, including a woman, were killed and 11 others wounded, including two children, in the renewed shelling and mortar to most of Fallujah today." Qatar News Agency covers the killing of civilians here. This is a War Crime. Nouri's committing War Crimes with weapons the US government provides him with...We've been covering the issue of a proposed bill which would lower the marriage age for Iraqi girls to as young as eight, would strip mothers of their custodial rights, would allow for marital rape and many other things. ...
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How America’s Wars Came Home With the Troops
Up Close, Personal, and Bloody

By Ann Jones

April 17, 2014- After an argument about a leave denied, Specialist Ivan Lopez pulled out a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun and began a shooting spree at Fort Hood, America’s biggest stateside base, that left three soldiers dead and 16 wounded. When he did so, he also pulled America’s fading wars out of the closet. This time, a Fort Hood mass killing, the second in four and a half years, was committed by a man who was neither a religious nor a political "extremist." He seems to have been merely one of America’s injured and troubled veterans who now number in the hundreds of thousands...
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An area of land and an olive tree planted in Asira, in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni
International Solidarity Movement

April 17, 2014 - On the 16th of April, the children of the Retaj Centre for Women and Children in Asira planted an olive tree on a piece of land which has been named after Vittorio Arrigoni. This symbolic act was made to remember the Italian volunteer killed on the 15th of April 2011. Asira is located south of Nablus, and is a village that is frequently attacked by settlers from nearby illegal settlements. The children of the Retaj Center for Women and Children took part in an emotive memorial for Vittorio, gathered in the small center, joined by volunteers from ISM and other organisations. The song "Bella Ciao" is an Italian resistance song that Vittorio taught the children of Gaza before he died, and the children of Asira sang it together. The assembly also watched a short movie entitled, "Un fiore per la liberta" by Samantha Comizzoli...
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Condemning ‘The Aggression We Ourselves Will Not Practice’
John Glaser

April 17, 2014 - Whenever the U.S. gets outraged by the actions of another state, be prepared for elaborate displays of self-deception and hypocrisy. This has surely been on display in the case of the latest outrage in Russia’s annexation of Crimea and meddling in Ukraine. At the Cato Institute’s blog yesterday, Ted Galen Carpenter reiterated a point I’ve made here repeatedly, that Washington’s supposedly principled denunciations of Russia’s actions are wildly inconsistent with the strong defense of comparable actions taken by the U.S....
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Israeli military courts: Masquerading as justice?
Brad Parker

April 17, 2014 - Israel's chief military prosecutor for the West Bank, Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hirsch, declared in February that a new pilot programme would soon be implemented to provide an alternative to arresting Palestinian children from their homes at night. The pilot programme will rely on written summonses demanding Palestinian children appear for questioning at Israeli interrogation centres in the occupied West Bank. A summons process, if implemented throughout the occupied West Bank, could potentially reduce the number of Palestinian child detainees that experience violence during their arrest, transfer and interrogation. While this could lead to practical improvements to the Israeli military detention system, recent evidence suggests that it may do little to stem violence and abuse of Palestinian child detainees by Israeli forces...
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A tree-hugging "peace" film detached from Palestine’s reality
Maureen Clare Murphy

April 17, 2014 - A Palestinian and Jewish Israeli businessman start a solar panel business together — bravely confronting the bullies of the Israel boycott movement, who are the major force holding back the Middle East peace process — even when it tests their most intimate relationships. The young men’s unprecedented project, with the help of Facebook, gives birth to a grassroots movement that witnesses mass protests in Ramallah and Tel Aviv, putting pressure on the Palestinian and Israeli leadership to finally sign a peace agreement....This is the preposterous plot of the European Union and UK-funded propaganda film Under the Same Sun, produced by normalization outfit Search for Common Ground, and Tel Aviv-based Lama Films. It is directed by Palestinian filmmaker Sameh Zoabi (Man Without a Cell Phone)...
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Palestinian Prisoner’s Day 2014

April 17, 2014 – On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners Day Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association salutes the continued struggle of the over 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners currently being held in Israeli prisons. Every year Israel arrests thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to suppress any resistance to its continued occupation and colonization, the result being the imprisonment of approximately 800,000 Palestinians since 1967.
Since the beginning of 2013 12 Palestinians have been killed during arrest operations by Israeli Occupying Forces, while another three have died as a result of medical neglect and another of torture. As of 1 March 2014 there were 5,224 Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israeli prisons. These include 183 administrative detainees; 210 children; 21 female prisoners; and 11 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. The situation of the prisoners continues to deteriorate as they face a wide range of violations against them...
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Photos of Victims of US Drone Wars in Pakistan and Yemen
World Can't Wait

April 17, 2014 Click the images to download 11" x 17" versions of the images below to hold at protests, and help bring to life the human stories behind the statistics. There are not many photos of the drone victims available for a number of reasons. Most of these drone attacks take place in remote locations. People living in these areas often don't have many photos of loved ones they can readily share after they have been killed. Maybe worst of all, journalists and rescuers are often deterred from visiting recent drone attack sites by the possibility of a second "double tap" drone strike. Thanks to those journalists, activists and family members, we make these available as enlarged PDFs. Images may be pixelated but are still recognizable at a distance...
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Why is Israel opposed to Palestine joining international treaties?
Samira Shackle

April 17, 2014 - Last week, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that he had accepted the application of Palestinians to join 13 international UN conventions. Significantly, these include the Geneva Conventions, which govern the rules of war and military occupation. Ban informed all 193 UN member states that the application, by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was made "in due and proper order" and that it would be processed within a month. Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, said that Palestine was ready with more applications to join UN agencies, conventions, and treaties, depending on Israel's actions....

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Why does the mass media ignore mass murder in Syria?
Clay Claiborne

April 17, 2014-I recall when the mantra of the media was "if it bleeds, it leads." That certainly isn't the case with regards to Syria. If more than a hundred people and a dozen children met with a violent end almost anywhere else in the world, it would make the morning news cycle. It happens every day in Syria without so much as a notice. It can't be for lack of visuals. We all know TV news is a sucker for graphic video. A good video will even make a story where otherwise there wouldn't be one. The Syrian conflict has produced some of the most graphic and tense, or in the case of Syrian refugee children, compelling and heart-rending, videos the world has ever seen, available for free from YouTube, and with today's HD consumer grade cameras, not bad quality. Yet very little of this video ever makes it into the evening news. The true picture of this conflict and the human suffering it is causing is being hidden from us. When the media was trying to rally people to fight Saddam Hussein, they made a big deal out of a false story that had Iraq troops throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait, now we have Assad's planes bombing play grounds, schools, breadlines and hospitals, and mums the word. Why are they covering up Assad's crimes when they should be reporting them?....
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What will Gaza’s Ark face from the Israeli navy as it challenges the blockade?
Charlie Andreasson

April 17, 2014 - The heavy bang is heard clearly, and I have to resist the impulse to climb over the breakwater to try to get a view of the attack in the haze. And a new round of bangs is heard. It can’t be far off the port of Gaza. Instead, I look up at the sky, squinting, and there it is, the drone that been circling around all morning. And I return to my work to completing Gaza 's Ark. Shall I write about this, I wonder to myself? That thought pops up every time I hear machine-gun fire, or even heavier bombardments, from the sea. We expect some influential people to sail with us to break Israel’s naval blockade, and I do not want to scare them off...
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Guantanamo's sinister re-branding of force-feeding
By Harkirit Boparai

April 17, 2014 -The PR team at Guantanamo Bay have been engaging in a campaign of smoke and mirrors of late to try and cover up the abuse that still remains at Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, detainees such as our client Emad Hassan are still suffering the same abuse, at the hands of the same authorities, that they have been for the past 12 years.Rather than use a widely-recognised term that describes the peaceful protest being made by the detainees, the authorities at Guantanamo have decided to come up with (what they hope is) a sterile and innocuous-sounding term: "long term non-religious fast". This change in terminology was revealed through a Freedom of Information request for a document entitled: "Medical management of detainees with weight loss"...
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PHOTOS: Palestinian prisoners, supporters struggle for freedom
By Activestills

April 17, 2014 - To mark International Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, which has been commemorated annually by Palestinians worldwide since 1974, Activestills brings you a look into the lives of Palestinian prisoners and their supporters struggling to obtain freedom.According to Addameer, a Palestinian prisoner support organization, there are currently 5,224 Palestinian men and women held in Israeli prisons. These include 183 administrative detainees; 210 children; 21 female prisoners; and 11 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Since the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip began in 1967, more than 700,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned by Israel. To this day, dozens of Palestinians are taken away from their homes, workplaces, schools, and from different checkpoints on a weekly basis. Some are detained for days, some for weeks, and some imprisoned for unlimited periods of time...
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Palestinian youth say the talks with Israel are futile
Allison Deger

April 17, 2014 - Last summer when negotiations resumed between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, hundreds of Palestinian youth took to the streets of Ramallah to protest the Palestinian Authority decrying the talks. In fact August 2013 saw a string of protests from the city center to the Muqataa, the seat of the Palestinian government. And each protest ended the same: the youth were beaten and arrested, undercover agents moved through the crowds, and some dissidents were even taken into police custody from hospital beds.Today, the April 29th deadline to produce a U.S. engineered framework looms and talks teeter toward collapse. Israeli and Palestinian officials have skirted their limited commitments. Israel is refusing, or delaying, releasing the last round of Palestinian prisoners while the Palestinian Authority (PA) signed 15 letters of accession to United Nations treaties....
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PLO: 800,000 Palestinians detained since 1967 occupation
Ma'an News

April 17, 2014 -- Israeli military forces have detained over 800,000 Palestinians since the 1967 occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, the PLO said Thursday."For Palestinians, having loved ones in prison is not the exception: it is something which has affected every Palestinian family," PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement marking Prisoners Day."In the context of prolonged occupation, Israel -- a foreign military power -- has unlawfully imposed itself on the land of another people and has oppressed millions, in many varying ways. The plight of the prisoners reflects the plight of the Palestinian people as a whole."...

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Nablus farmer detained after being attacked by settlers
Ma'an News

April 17, 2014 -- Israeli forces detained a Palestinian farmer in Nablus on Wednesday on suspicion of attempting to stab a settler after a group assaulted him and cut down his olive trees. Palestinian security officials told Ma'an that settlers from Maale Levona assaulted Khalid Samih Daraghmah and his son while they were tending their trees south of Nablus near al-Lubban ash-Sharqiyah. Jalal Daraghmah, 19, was brutally beaten during the attack.The farmers filed a complaint at the Palestinian liaison department, who referred it to the Israeli office.After reporting the assault, Israeli forces arrested Samih Daraghmah after claiming he had tried to stab one of the settlers....
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Syria News - April 16, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 16, 2014- By the end of Wednesday the Coordination Committees were able to document 96 martyrs in Syria including 4 women, 2 children and 3 martyrs under torture: 40 martyrs were reported in Deir Ezzor; 12 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 13 in Idlib; 11 in Aleppo; 5 in Daraa; 4 in Homs and 2 martyrs in Hama...

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Israeli forces clash with worshipers in Aqsa compound, dozens hurt
Ma'an News

April 16, 2014 - - Dozens of worshipers were hurt Wednesday morning in fierce clashes with Israeli forces who stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound via the Moroccan and Chain gates. Witnesses told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers and police officers broke into the compound and deployed in the southern quarter firing stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets at worshipers.Director of al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Azam al-Kahtib told Ma’an that "about 1,000 Israeli officers stormed the compound." He highlighted that Israeli officers used live ammunition...
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Israel worried about Syrian rebels' advancement to the Syrian-Israeli borders
Middle East Monitor

April 16, 2014- Syrian rebels have seized shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles from regime forces in spite of Israel and the Syrian regime's best efforts to prevent such strategic developments from happening, an Israeli commentator said. Yossi Melman, the Israeli commentator on security and intelligence affairs for the Israeli news website Walla, revealed that Syrian rebels seized a warehouse containing Russian and Iranian shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.Melman affirmed that both Al-Assad's army and the Israeli army tried their best to prevent this warehouse from falling in to rebel hands. The senior Israeli journalist said Israel has detailed information about Syrian weapons and it is afraid that these weapons could fell in the "wrong hands"...
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